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Miss V Gets Exposure


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I know two back to back interviews?? Yup and both bomb! Miss V is a dope upcoming female rapper with one helluva story. I wasn’t sure what to expect with such a new artist but when I heard her 2 songs I was so impressed I wanted to have her on and really see if she was the real deal and then she tells me about being pronounced dead, being homeless, her goals, and we just do an old fashion chop up! Her new album Exposure drops in 24 hours. Go to our facebook page to see some of the videos from this episode.

Putting out her first song and being in Texas (4:00)
Her Rap Name and her perception of the local scene (8:45)
Her favorite song on her Exposure album and making it (18:00)
Miss V’s influences and image (31:00)
Being Homeless and being pronounced dead (34:00)
Who she wants to work with and her goals in rap (44:00)
Her expectations with her new album Exposure and negative feedback (60:00)

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