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71 – D*ck Pic Myth

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-hqast-9ecd50 Returning from the holiday and the foolery we dealt with shooting scenes from From The Ground Up (00:00), the midterm elections (08:00), homie online dating issues (13:00), the mythology of the random dick pic (18:00), I catch a blessing at Walmart (28:00), Lil Wayne adds tracks to the Carter 5, Fires and shootings in California, and learning… Continue reading 71 – D*ck Pic Myth

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70 – The Flyest Rapper

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-krjp5-9d8dc2 Finally out of the 60s with episode 70. Talking some mental health struggles lately, the horror movie Terrifier, Making a Murder Season 2, the miami mail bomber, doing regular radio vs podcast, 5 year marriage contracts, and lastly the rapper who died rapping on the wing of a plane!!! As always tell a friend support… Continue reading 70 – The Flyest Rapper

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68 – Kanye Got Something ft Earon Nealey

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-sxeg8-9badfa Oh Boy Kavanaugh and Kanye West! Today I am joined by Tony Award Winning Earon Nealey as she recently landed a Broadway Gig with Phantom of the Opera the longest running Broadway show and we talk about Science Projects , (10:00) her gig with Phantom of the Opera, (14:00) New Candyman and Tales from the… Continue reading 68 – Kanye Got Something ft Earon Nealey

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67 – The Great Nike Fires of 2018

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-n9zkn-993752   Back with a packed show for the first time in a while. Episode 67 we talk 00:00 Intro/Colin Kaepernick and the Nike ad controversy, 12:00 the start of the 2018 NFL football season, 14:00 Kanye West apologizes Drake, 21:50 Eminem vs Joe Budden and how it is just strategic media playing the audience and 25:00 streams,… Continue reading 67 – The Great Nike Fires of 2018

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66 – Is Fergie White ft Carla Ayala

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-86vgt-98b747 Back with episode 66. Carla is back today and on the preshow banter we talked about what makes someone interesting, (04:40) We get into the talk about our new show in development From the Ground Up and the big interview we landed that will put us over the top,(12:00) I didnt know if Fergie… Continue reading 66 – Is Fergie White ft Carla Ayala


ICT Pizza Fest 2018 Ticket Giveaway

Happy to have linked up with Festive ICT to give away 2 pairs of tickets to a couple winners picked at random on our facebook page. Go over to http://facebook.com/kindafamouspod like and share the post and you can have a chance to win a pair of tickets. If you missed Episode 65 with the owner of… Continue reading ICT Pizza Fest 2018 Ticket Giveaway