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Ep. 59 Blocked on the Gram ft. Carla Ayala

Download this episode (right click and save) Been Busy on a few aRowe Films projects and working on the IKF Mental Health Week of episodes but this week Carla came back with some nerve but yall told me yall like her! This episode we had an additional guest Carla brought with her to chime in on… Continue reading Ep. 59 Blocked on the Gram ft. Carla Ayala

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#ifslaverywasachoice Get Your MERCH!!

So this week we jumped into a lot of the Kanye West foolery on Ep. 57 and I was inspired. Inspired to get in my creator bag and make another clean ass People Collector series called "by choice". The idea is that we are Slaves but with an asterisk to present the footnote to being a… Continue reading #ifslaverywasachoice Get Your MERCH!!