16 Personalities Test and Results

Here is the test Carla and myself took on Episode 58. Here are Rowe's results. I came out as a Commander (duh!) https://www.16personalities.com/profiles/920d8b23a827d  MIND This trait determines how we interact with our environment. 72% EXTRAVERTED 28% INTROVERTED Extraverted individuals prefer group activities and get energized by social interaction. They tend to be more enthusiastic and… Continue reading 16 Personalities Test and Results

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58 – Assume Men Don’t Cheat (guest Carla Ayala)

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-6tyvq-9109e4 So one of my favorite people came back on the show to run a complete muck! Power 93.5s own Carla Ayala came on looking like herself to talk about being one of top shows in the market only second to one of the biggest shows in the nation (02:00), Ty Dolla $ New collab album… Continue reading 58 – Assume Men Don’t Cheat (guest Carla Ayala)