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104 – The Therapist is In w/ Brittany the Therapist

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-ttebk-be9c27 Ep. 104 the therapist is in the building Brittany the therapist comes in and we talk Babies vs STD, Sexual exploration, Malik Yoba, being dickmatized, human trafficking, and alot more! Timestamp: (02:45) Show starts, (06:00) Woman tried to baby trap me, (11:50) Babies vs STD, (20:00) Communication Problems and Friendzone, (28:00) Crazy Brittany and… Continue reading 104 – The Therapist is In w/ Brittany the Therapist

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102- Over a Chicken Sandwich

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-vis8x-bcf729 What have I been working on, popeye's chicken sandwich, the Amazon is on fire, and how do relationships start?? New show coming to IKF Network TimeStamps : PRojects Savage U with YBM Smoove and Track Record(03:00), Popeye's Chicken Sandwich(8:30), NFL and sports fan racism (19:40) , Biggie is not in my top 10 rappers(28:00),… Continue reading 102- Over a Chicken Sandwich